Are Solar Panels Good for the Environment?

Solar energy is one of the cleanest sources of energy and it is efficient and sustainable.

“The source of the energy, sunlight, is free and abundant.”

Millions of people across the globe are shifting to solar energy as the cost of using solar panels to produce electricity drops every year.

But in spite of these facts, the environmental impact of solar panels is still a hotly debated topic.

Benefits of using solar energy

1. Solar energy cuts the use of energy from the grid

Oil, natural gas, coal are traditional sources of energy, but they are limited and are depleting fast. Solar energy is abundant and therefore reduces the dependency on non-renewable resources.

2. Solar panels produce clean and green energy

Therefore using solar energy is the ideal way to reduce one’s carbon footprint.  You can make a household efficient and sustainable and contribute to the Australian Renewable Energy Target (ARET).

3. Solar energy reduces air pollution

Electricity generated from fossil fuels creates harmful carbon dioxide and methane gases that add to global warming. Since no greenhouse gases are emitted in the production of solar energy, it nullifies the effect of the harmful gases on the environment.

4. Solar energy slows down climate change

The greenhouse gases emitted by fossil fuels have been raising temperatures across the world resulting in glaciers melting, rising sea levels, and increased occurrences of floods, droughts, cyclones, and tornadoes. 

5. It reduces water pollution

Water is the key element in most manufacturing processes, including that of solar panels. But the requirement is far less than the amount required in the production of other energy, like nuclear, natural gas, or coal.

With solar energy, there is practically no risk of wastage of water either.

Solar panel on blue sky background

There has been a surge in the popularity of solar energy in the past few years.

This has happened because… 

  1. The cost of solar panels has dropped over the past decade.
  2. Solar energy has become a reliable energy source.

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