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Solahart was one of the first companies in the world to recognise the value of the sun’s free energy.
We pioneered solar water heating in Australia in 1953 and since then we’ve installed over 1 million systems in over 70 countries and have become a world leader in the field of solar energy.
Today our solar power PV systems are among the most efficient in the world, offering big energy savings to homeowners who switch to solar panels and energy free from the sun.

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Solahart factory from 1901


Solahart pioneered the use of solar energy in Australia, beginning with the original plumbing factory in 1901 and then the creation of copper tanks in 1953. 

Now, we’re still leaders in solar and proudly serve the entire Gold Coast and Hinterland region with our solar products from the best brands in solar.

In addition to the strength and experience of Solahart, we’re a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer.

New Silhouette Solar Power Panels

Our new solar power panels are exclusively available from Solahart Gold Coast. They’re very popular thanks to their stylish, all black appearance which is designed to complement contemporary roofing designs. The Silhouette solar power panels feature advanced cell technology and superior ‘low-light’ and ‘high-heat’ performances which result in a consistently high yield.

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