Solar Hot Water Gold Coast

In selecting Solahart Gold Coast for your hot water system replacement or hot water system repairs, you are choosing a local expert in hot water. We have a in-house team of plumbers who are highly trained across all types of hot water systems.

We also sell and service many other electric hot water systems too!

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30-Year Product Warranty on Installed Systems

Enjoy peace of mind with our industry-leading 30-year warranty on many of our installed solar systems. We stand by the quality and durability of our products, ensuring reliable performance and long-term savings for decades to come.
Terms and conditions apply.

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Over 70 Years of Solar Expertise

Trust Australia's longest-lasting solar company with over 70 years of industry experience. Our rich history and proven track record guarantee exceptional service and high-quality solar solutions that stand the test of time.

Most Trusted Solar Provider 👍
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$0 Upfront Costs and 60-Month Interest-Free Financing

Switch to solar energy without the financial strain. With $0 upfront cost and 60-month interest-free financing through Zip Pay, you can spread the installation cost over five years with zero interest. Enjoy reduced energy bills and a greener lifestyle immediately, without worrying about the initial expense.

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Smart Solar Integration for Enhanced Energy Management

Upgrade to a smarter solar solution with seamless smart home integration. Manage your energy usage efficiently with real-time performance monitoring and smart thermostats. Optimise your consumption and maximise savings effortlessly.



Solahart L Series

Our most popular system, designed to provide economical service in medium/high solar gain areas.

L series hot water system

Solahart SP Series

Frost protected system, designed for use in medium to high solar gain areas.

Solahart SP series solar hot water system

Solahart CS13C Series

Higher efficiency for use in
low to medium solar gain areas.

Solahart CS13C solar hot water system

Solahart LCSD Series

Mid-range model
for use in low to medium solar
gain areas.

Solahart SP series solar hot water system

Rheem 52D Series

Entry level model for
high solar gain areas.

Rheem 52d series solar hot water system

Rheem 52C Series

Entry level frost protected model for high solar gain areas.

Rheem 52c series solar hot water system

Solar Savings Calculator

Simply fill in the details of your latest bill and we’ll find out if there’s a system that can reduce your power bill to zero, or even give you money back!



Streamline MLV Series

Split system solar for areas of medium to high solar gain.

Solahart Streamline MCS07v series

Streamline MCS07V Series

Split system solar for areas of low to medium solar gain.

Solahart Streamline MCS07v series

Rheem Premier Loline

Split solar system designed for cooler climates and all weather conditions.

Premier Loline

Solahart PowerStore

World leading smart technology developed, designed and built in Australia.

Solarhart Power Store


The 6 Secrets to Saving BIG with Solar!

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Solahart Atmos

Energy efficient heat pump with a low side mounted heat pump module.

Solahart Atmos

MPi Series

Energy efficient heat pump with a front-of-tank mounted compressor.

MPi Series Heat Pump

Pool Heat Pumps

Large residential heat pumps
for pool heating.

Large residential heat pump
Hot water system


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We have a range of payment & finance options available that make it easier than ever before to stop paying for electricity!


Solahart pioneered the use of solar energy in Australia, beginning with the original plumbing factory in 1901 and then the creation of copper tanks in 1953. 

Now, we’re still leaders in solar and proudly serve the entire Gold Coast and Hinterland region with our solar products from the best brands in solar.

In addition to the strength and experience of Solahart, we’re a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer.

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Hot Water FAQs

For over 65 years, we have been setting the standard for solar systems in Australia. Our systems are designed for the harshest Australian conditions. Our solar power systems only use world-leading panels and the world’s best quality inverters. Our solar panels are consistent with Solahart’s quality and performance requirements, using state of the art PERC monocrystalline cells, designed to achieve excellent performance under real conditions, even with low radiation intensity and on clear hot summer days.

Because of their high efficiency and performance, Solahart systems deliver amazing savings. Replace your old gas or electric water heater with a Solahart Solar Water Heater and you could save up to 65%* of your water heating energy consumption. A Solahart Solar Power system can generate significant savings depending on the size of the system you select and your overall energy use, reducing your energy costs even more. Solahart Gold Coast will use the Solahart’s Savings Estimator technology which will calculate how much you will save by installing a Solahart system. The Savings Estimator will take you through some simple assumptions on your current energy usage patterns and site conditions to give you a good idea of how much you can reduce your energy bills.

By installing a solar water heater system on your property, you are most likely still eligible for STCs. These STCs can be used to reduce the purchase price of your new system and can often save you thousands of dollars.

For a Solahart Solar Hot Water system, each STC represents 1 megawatt hour (MWh) of electricity displaced over a 10 year period. The number of STC’s created varies with the size and model of solar water heater and the region (or zone) in which the unit is installed. The value of an STC is not fixed and varies depending on market factors.

Once you install a solar water heater, the STCs produced can be traded and sold on the open market. You can assign the right to create your STCs to your Solahart dealer who will pay you the value of the STCs as an upfront discount on your system.

The best Solahart unit for your needs will depend on the following key factors:
• The amount of available sun
• Is the area prone to frost?
• The water chemistry in your area
• How many people in the home & their typical hot water usage

To choose the best water heater for your family, please call us at Solahart Gold Coast. We will make an appointment for you to speak with an expert who will help you pick the right unit for your current and future circumstances.

Water heating accounts for around 25% of the average household’s energy usage. Getting your hot water free from the sun not only saves energy, it also saves the greenhouse gas emissions that would have been produced in the generation of that energy. By replacing an electric storage water heater with a Solahart you can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 2.7 tonnes a year^, the equivalent of taking a small car off the road.

If your current hot water system breaks down Solahart Gold Coast can have you back in hot water within 24 hours in most instances.

All solar water heaters include a gas or electric booster switch to ensure you have hot water even during the colder, darker days of winter and on those occasional cloudy, rainy days. By selecting the right Solahart model for your area and your family’s hot water usage patterns, the use of the booster can be minimised.

Solahart’s range of Streamline Split System solar water heaters allows you to enjoy all the benefits of Solahart’s advanced solar technology – without the tank on the roof.

The Solahart Split System locates the low profile collectors on your roof, with the tank installed at ground level. Alternatively you can choose a Solahart heat pump which uses technology to extract heat from the surrounding air, without solar collectors at all.

Yes. We service hot water systems. It is recommended that hot water systems are serviced every 5 years to maintain efficiency.

Of course we service our Solahart products however we also service other brands including Rheem, Dux and Saxon. Get in touch regardless of which brand you have installed and we can help.