Best Solar Feed In Tariffs in Qld

*Energy providers are only noted in the list if they do not require that you purchase your solar power system with them. 
Current as of 19/8/22.

List of Solar Feed In Tariffs

RetailerMin Feed-in Tariff (kWh)Max Feed-in Tariff (kWh)
AGL5c10c (for first 14kWh/day, 5c/kWh thereafter)
Alinta Energy0c8c
Amber Electric0c0c
CovaU Energy5.5c5.5c
Diamond Energy0c5.2c
Elysian Energy0c7c
Energy Locals6c10.2c (for the first 10kWh/day, 6c thereafter)
GloBird Energy1c5c
Kogan Energy0c2.88c
Momentum Energy0c0c
OVO Energy0c7c
Radian Energy7c7c
Red Energy5c5c
Simply Energy7c7c
Social Energy*6c40c (for the first 300kWh/quarter, must have solar & battery, 6c thereafter)
Sumo6c12c (for the first 5kWh/day, 7c thereafter)
Tango Energy5c5c
1st Energy6c6c