Rheem 52D Series Solar Hot Water System

The Rheem 52D series is available in two capacities: 180 litre or 300 litre.

Rheem Hiline® is a roof mounted open circuit solar system with proven reliability, designed in Australia for Australian conditions. The solar water heater uses the thermosiphon principle, without the need for a circulator or sensors.

It works on the simple scientific fact that hot water rises. As the water in the solar collector gains the sun’s heat the increase in temperature causes the water to rise into the solar storage tank. This process continues while solar energy is available.

And with everything conveniently located on the roof, it frees up usable space at ground level.

The Rheem Hiline® range is available with either in-tank electric or continuous flow gas boosting. Boosting is a back-up feature that provides hot water during poor weather periods/

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Rheem 52d series solar hot water system

Reduces Energy Use

Environmental Benefits

Optimal Performance

Trusted Warranty


Rheem 52d series solar hot water system
The following warranty applies to the Rheem 52D series. 5 year cylinder and collector(s), 3 year labour on cylinder, 1 year parts including labour. Applies to domestic installations only. Conditions apply. Please contact our team for further details.
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Solahart pioneered the use of solar energy in Australia, beginning with the original plumbing factory in 1901 and then the creation of copper tanks in 1953. 

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